Fixes 23/05/2018

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Fixes 23/05/2018

Messaggio da Gladio » 23/05/2018, 11:46

Qui una lista dei fixes e aggiunte introdotte questa mattina sul server, vi ricordiamo che in caso notiate qualche bugs di riportarlo via support ticket:

- Corrected Invisibility CRI bonus
- Corrected QD Shot and Crimson Marker interaction
*QD Shot should not remove Crimson Marker.
- Added Gambler Seal and Gambler Card item combo
* Adjusted Gambler Seal equip level requirement.
* Added Gambler Card item. (
* Added missing combo for both items.
- Correct Refinable State for Wandering Wolf Helm (Renewal)
- Corrected Baby Dragon hat bonus
- Removed City Cleaners from RE monster spawn files (Wild Rose)
- Added blueprints for excellion enchants
- Added an option to disable homun autofeed notify
- Corrected reflected damage applying twice
- Fixed login mail notification
- Corrected skills that lose mob targets
* Feint Bomb now closer mimics official behavior.
* Monsters now properly target the clone and refrain from attacking the Shadow Chaser.
* Shadow Chasers are now able to cast skills while in Feint Bomb hiding state.
* Removed extra skill cast value that wasn't used.
* Removed extra mob target release function as one already existed.
* Corrected Zanzou and Genwaku target release behavior as well.
- Added Excellion Armor and Wing
- Clean-up and fixed hunter quest issue

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