Bi-Weekly Patch

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Bi-Weekly Patch

Messaggio da Gladio » 07/06/2018, 7:54

Here a list of fix and updated released today:
  • New Daily Reward system implementation
  • Airship Assault Revamped- added the official emulator version
  • Fixed client blocking mail deletion
  • Added missing Royal Guard Necklace and Imperial Glove
  • Added extra check in some renewal instances to prevent unexpected behaviour
  • Corrected item type for Biscuit Sticks to `usable item`
  • Corrected B.S. Sacramenti behavior
    * Status is now removed on player log out.
    * Status is not given to targets who have the Undead/Demon element.
  • Updated Achievement
    * Added new achievement.
    * Updated score for Exploring Poring's life (2).
    * Updated Reborn in Valhalla reward.
    * Removed The Beginning of Outdoor and The First Step Becoming a Chef achievements as they are no longer listed.
  • Various fixes
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