New Updates 06/07/2018

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New Updates 06/07/2018

Messaggio da Gladio » 06/07/2018, 13:48

Here a list of our most recent updates, with many new changes, please let us know for any discovered bugs using our Service Desk, and receiving 100 Cash Points reward.
  • Multiple minor fixes on various equipment
  • New Map added (will be connected in the future)
  • Fixed Daily Reward NPC, no more monthly reset.
  • Fixed incorrect drop id in Eclage quests
  • Fixed rate for HD material in Shadow refiner NPC
  • Added Guild Storage Expansion Skill
  • Fixed Gunslinger Manual where Luna doesn't give Gunslinger Manual if any other Manual is in the inventory, even if the character doesn't have the Gunslinger Manual.
  • Fixed broken guild notices
  • Fixed Silvervine Root Twist animation
  • Bunker Shield's item script fix (28915)
  • Fixed and improved Imperial Spear script (1433)
  • Corrected Sightless Mind range: splash range will be 9 cells.
  • Corrected spelling and made name change in Rune Knight Job Change Quest.
  • Corrected Crystallized state effec: Crystallized Wind damage is increased 50%.
  • Corrected Cloud Kill behaviour: Corrected status being removed and not damaging players who are in the AoE.
  • Fix Freezing effects
  • Corrected End Sektura bonus: Inflict Crystallization status, not Freeze.
  • Corrected spelling issues in Dewata Quests.
  • Fixed over refine bonus wrongly calculated
  • Corrected Devil Whisper Costume drops: the Angel and Demon drops were swapped.
  • Updated custom Mushroom Event script
  • Hero Ring exchanger and enchant NPCs: Added Hero Ring exchanger and enchant npcs on moro_cav map
  • Updated Mado Gear effects: seems that some are not required to be equipped anymore. More info here (Google translated page from Korean).
  • Initial support for Star Emperor and Soul Reaper: Oh yeah!!! 8-)
  • Added Old Glastheim Buffs
  • Initial release of Morse Cave instance.
  • Fix Bloody Roar and Bloody Roar Costume item scripts.
  • Corrects Variable Cast Rate for Geffen Magic Robe (15074): It is currently set to reduce variable cast rate by 15%, with an additional 5% at refine level 9. Will be an increase of 15%, reduced to 10% at level 9.
  • Corrected Tarot Card dispelling Clan buffs.
  • Fixed Chewy Ricecake and Oriental Pastry: bonuses will last for 30 minutes, not 3 minutes.
  • Fixed Goldsmithing Dagger class equip requirement: now be able to be worn by 2-1 and 2-2 classes as well.

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