Patch Notes v2.02.01: Banquet for Heroes & more updates

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Patch Notes v2.02.01: Banquet for Heroes & more updates

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These are the patch notes of the update carried out during the maintenance of the last 22nd of August. We apologize for the delay in the release of this news but we wanted to make sure everything worked and without problems after this substantial update. In bold type you will find the most salient updates.

Queste che seguono sono le patch notes dell'aggiornamento effettuato durante la manutenzione del giorno 22 Agosto scorso. Ci scusiamo per il ritardo al rilascio di questa news ma volevamo essere sicuri che tutto funzionasse e senza problemi dopo questo sostanzioso aggiornamento. In neretto troverete gli aggiornamenti più salienti.

Patch Notes v2.02.01
  • Banquet for Heroes ep 16.1:
    • Main quest and the 2 instances Ritual of Blessing and Room of Consciousness
    • Sidequests around the families, the kitchen, underground prison and old Prontera
    • Enchants NPCs (enchant abusive robe and co.)
  • Insignia MATK Fix:
    • The magical damage of each element's skills according to the insignia
  • Added Lutie Kafra
  • Official Spiritual Sphere Absorption behavior:
    • Spiritual Sphere Absorption should only succeed when casted on self or enemies.
    • When casted on allies it will fail and display the skill failed message.
  • Updated Acid Terror damage modifier for renewal:
  • Fix wrong npc name for in Malangdo
  • Wolfchev lab prerequisite:
    • Prerequisite is Cursed Spirit Quest
  • Corrected Spiritual Sphere Absorption and Cursed Circle interaction:
    • Spiritual Sphere Absorption should still take the spheres from the target even if Cursed Circle is used on the caster.
  • Fixed EXP bug and added failsafe to family check functions
  • Fixed a mistake in 2008 headgear quest:
    • Some case in the Cute Ribbon quest gives the wrong item
  • Fixing party death icon
  • Update Airship Assault Monster stats
  • Fixed npc location for Lutie quest
  • Resolved Guild Storage Expansion not updating
  • Updated max recovery weight to 70% for renewal:
    • When the weight reaches 50%, the weight limit message appears. Was to appear when it reaches 70%
  • Freezing and Burning can occur at the same time:
    • Moving the Freezing immunity of Burning condition, and removing the Burning immunity of Freezing condition.
  • Fixed Guild Storage Expansion skill saving
  • Pets now mimic master's walk speed
  • Adjusted Shield Chain range
    • Shield Chain is now a melee skill, not ranged.
  • Adjusted Amistr's Defense behavior
    • Effect should not be shown above master.
  • Updated Masquerade effects
    • Masquerades are now unable to effect Boss monsters
  • Updated Axe Mastery behavior
    • Axe Mastery does not increase damage for 2H Swords
  • Updated Shield Spell behavior
    • Shield Spell is now canceled when the user switches shields.
  • Fixed a bug with warlock's spheres
  • Academy monster re-spawn
    • Added dealy
  • Drop rate from cards and equipments bonuses increased from 1% to 10%
  • Various minor updates and fixes

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