Patch Notes v2.03.01

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Patch Notes v2.03.01

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ENG: These are the patch notes of the update carried out during the maintenance of September 5, 2018. In bold type you will find the most salient updates. Please report to us through support forums, any problems or bugs that you will find during the game, for a quick resolution by the Staff.
Also remember that it is mandatory to uninstall the old client and install the new one available on the download pages of our site.
In bold you will find the most important updates.

ITA: Queste che seguono sono le patch notes dell'aggiornamento effettuato durante la manutenzione del giorno 5 Settembre 2018. In neretto troverete gli aggiornamenti più salienti. Vi preghiamo di segnalarci tramite forum di supporto, eventuali problemi o bug che troverete duranete il gioco, per una rapida risoluzione da parte dello Staff.
Inoltre ricordiamo che è obbligatorio disinstallare il vecchio client ed installare quello nuovo disponibile alla pagine di download del nostro sito.
In neretto troverete gli aggiornamenti più importanti.
  • New client with many new features (DOWNLOAD HERE)
  • Updated some morocc NPCs Fixes
  • Corrected Lord Knight's Concentration status icon displaying the wrong one.
  • Resolves an issue when players change maps to instances and the active/idle timers are not adjusted.
    • Cleaned up the entering and leaving checks for instances.
  • Baby Summoner can use all Summoner skills.
  • Corrected renewal Steal formula
    • The steal bonus no longer modifies the item's drop rate but has it's own success chance into stealing an item.
  • Fixed attempting to trigger events a second time for players in a hidden state while warping to the destination map resulting in them being sent to an invalid location.
  • Fixed instance id being lost for guilds. This happens on each change that causes the guild to be reloaded from the character server.
  • Fixed Water Evasion and Freezing Spear combo
    • Freezing Spear damage should increase when the caster is standing in Water Evasion.
  • Updated Gunslinger/Rebellion Bullet behavior
    • Disabled the ability to equip old spheres and old slugs.
    • Corrected some of the newer bullets name, weight, price, and effects.
    • Updated the ASPD for Gunslinger/Rebellion when equipping guns.
    • Spread Attack and Ground Drift now only use bullets.
    • Adjusted Slug Shot skill item requirement to the new Slug Bullet.
  • Corrected equipment stripping success rates
    • Corrects Strip Weapon, Strip Armor, Strip Shield, Strip Helm, Weapon Crush, and Full Strip success rate.
  • Updated amount of items given from certain scroll boxes.
  • Corrected an Imperial Set Combo
    • Should reduce SP required not increase SP required for some skills.
  • Added missing mode for nightmare biolab monsters
  • Initial release of Devil Tower memorial
  • Updated npcs from ep 14.3 (official conversion)
  • Initial implementation of Nightmare Biolab. The missing skills will eventually be implemented later.
  • Malangdo enchant weapon update:
    • Removed 'set' to the new syntax and slight change
    • Added the slotted versions of cutlus and Crescent_Scythe
    • Corrected Wizardy_Staff positioning
    • Added more weapons to enchant
    • Corrected possible enchants of Twin_Edge_B, Twin_Edge_R and Poison_Forged_Spear
  • Corrected Airship_Boots item script
  • Corrected Old_Money_Pocket item type
  • Implemented kRO items from 5/04/2016
  • Implemented item from kRO 20181002
  • Mob and NPC Identity Update
  • Renewal Monster's ATK & MATK Calculation Updates
  • Renewal Monster database updates
  • Initial release of the guild storage log
  • Corrected some issues with Malaya Quests:
    • Corrected Lesser Agimat not getting removed from Old Man in Dilemma and Tikbalang Expert.
    • Corrected a Buwaya Guard not continuing with the proper conversation.
  • Implemented cards from ep14.3 (kRO 2018.09.21)
  • Initial release of Rock Ridge script:
    • Updated Rock Ridge enchant list from kRO 2016.12.07
  • Corrected Repair and Shape Shift requirements
  • Corrected Solid Lunatic spawn amount at prt_fild08.
  • Changed "Royal Errand Boy" to "Royal Messenger" in quests 16.1
  • Effect State Update
  • Corrected Taekwon Mission mob generator
  • Corrected Union of the Sun Moon and Stars HP cost. Corrected the HP cost formula to reflect Aegis.
  • Corrected Critical bonuses:
    • Critical bonuses bCritAtkRate and bCriticalLong should not be applying to skills.
  • Cleaned up equipment stripping skills:
    • Centralized all equipment stripping skills.
      Updated success rates and durations to match official.
  • EDP renewal change. Switch to a different weapon or unequip a weapon now cancel EDP. EDP can't be used with fist (right hand check only)
  • Cleaned up Banding behavior:
    • Adjusted Banding to use proper party counting functions.
    • Corrected the DEF and HP Regen bonus for Banding.
    • Banding Defense will no longer stack on itself.
  • Corrected a check for skill usage restrictions:
    • Resolves an issue where the usage of self skills while a storage is open was causing the entire check to fail.
  • Corrected some weapon bonuses:
    • Item bonuses AddEle, AddRace, AddClass, and AddSize now work with shields.
  • Implemented official ammo equip behavior:
    • Added specific checks for weapons when equipping ammo.
    • Ammo is removed if the required weapon is removed.
    • Added battle configs to disable behavior.
  • Resolved Dynamic Mobs issue:
    • Fixes Dynamic Mobs not being properly reloaded.
  • Implement items from ep 16.2 (kRO 2016.03.09 and 2017.06.21)
  • Corrected Kimi Possession combo set:
    • Corrected Kind Heart and Evil Spirit Gloves item bonuses.
    • Added Hurt Mind and Kind Heart combo bonus.
  • Updated Arch Bishop skills from kRO maintenance
  • Implemented cards from ep 17.1 (kRO 2018.08.13)
  • Corrected item ID on Illusion Hunter Bow + Hunting Arrow combo
  • Implemented cards from Dreamy Shadow Instance and Royal Members Cards
  • Implemented new items from Illusion of Luanda (kRO 2018.04.18)
  • Implemented new items from Illusion of Teddy Bear (kRO 2018.03.09)
  • Implemented new items from Illusion of Abyss (kRO 2017.04.18)
  • Implemented new items from Illusion of Frozen (kRO 2017.02.21):
    • Additionnally corrected a mistake in Illusion_Puente_Robe item script
  • Implemented new items from Illusion of Vampire (kRO 2017.01.25)
  • Implemented new items from Illusion of Moon Light (kRO 2016.12.27)
  • Corrected some map property issues:
    • Resolves PvP timers and effects not displaying properly.
    • Resolves any GvG effects not displaying properly.
    • If PvP or GvG is disabled, stop players from attacking.
    • Moved PvP timer and attack functions to appropriate locations.
  • Corrected Blast Mine and Claymore Trap behavior:
    • Damage should be split among targets.
  • Fix for issue 'Global instance timer'. On official server the instance timer starts when the instance is created.
  • Updated accessory enchants of ep16 according to kRO 2015.02.25:
  • Added card in monster's card slot for monster in Sarah and Fenrir instance

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