Patch Notes v2.04.01

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Patch Notes v2.04.01

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Queste che seguono sono le patch notes in inglese degli aggiornamenti ufficiali installati sul nostro server durante la manutenzione del giorno 11 Febbraio 2019. Vi preghiamo di segnalarci tramite forum di supporto o per le urgenze (crash e blocchi) direttamente su Discord, eventuali problemi o bug che troverete durante il gioco, per una rapida risoluzione da parte dello Staff.
  • Corrected Sling Item bonuses
    • Partial revert of eae1161.
    • Removed the item database bonuses from Throwing Increase HP/SP Potions and moved them back to source as these items require the caster's Base Level.
    • Concentrated White Potion Z should only increase HP regeneration rate (not the interval).
    • Vitata 500 should increase SP regeneration rate (not the interval).
  • Updated Quagmire status removal list
    • Quagmire will now remove Crazy Uproar.
  • Corrected Sarah's Battle Robe bonus
    • Should give a 0.3% chance of increasing MATK by the equip's refine
    • 8 for 10 seconds when using magic attacks.
  • Fixed Hunting Missions
  • Fixed CDP not failing when haven't met the requirements
  • Corrected skills that give bonuses while sitting
    • Corrected Gangster's Paradise not releasing the monster invulnerability state when standing up around multiple Rogue's that know Gangster's Paradise.
    • Same fix goes for Taekwon's Peaceful Break and Happy Break.
    • Cleaned up some various parts of these functions as well.
  • Update NPC locations according client's navi file
    • Added renewal guide to Prontera and Lighthalzen.
    • Updated file headers.
  • Fixed wrong exp values on 13.1 and 13.2 quests and other minor fixes
  • Corrected Card/Enchant Combos
  • Added new Rebellion Shops
    • Added new shops for Rebellions.
    • Updated prices and Aegis names for a few weapons.
  • Fixed Reflect Damage not reflecting damage
    • Fixed a timer type issue causing Reflect Damage to no properly distribute damage.
    • Corrected some final tick leftovers that may cause issues with other skills.
  • Fixed Full Blast delay on attack and using items
  • Corrected Owl Viscount Silk Hat script error
  • Corrected Shadow Staff script error
  • Fixed duration for usable items Daehwandan and Taecheongdan
  • Change Magic Gear Master NPC name to Mado Gear Armourer for Renter Merchants
  • Added missing Costume Flying Galapago
  • Added Clothing Effect Removal Service
  • Corrected Shell of Resistance equip restriction
    • Should be equippable by all classes.
    • Added missing VIP bonus.
    • Simplified elemental resistance bonus.
  • Corrected Palace Guard Cap bonus
    • Should give Neutral resistance +5% and +1% per refine above 5.
    • Added missing ranged resistance +5% and +1% per refine above 5.
  • Fixed Costume Pocketwatch Hair Ornament location
    • Costume Pocketwatch Hair Ornament's location should be middle.
  • Corrected Cat Ear Beret bonus
    • Added missing damage increase/reduction to/from player race by 2% per refine above 4 with a max increase of 12%.
  • Corrected Faceworm Larva Card bonus
    • Should increase Water property magic damage by 3% per refine rate.
  • Corrected Honor Token weight
    • Honor Token should have no weight.
  • Initial Release of Equipment Switch. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release in any way, be it donations (n.d.r.: Donazione effettuata anche da INFINITY!), information or testing.
  • Corrected job mask of some items
    • gunslinger could wear the items while rebellion job couldn't
  • Added a missing check to High Jump/Leap
    • High Jump/Leap is meant to check the next cell for a wall as well.
  • Corrected some statuses and Mado Gear interaction
    • Resolved a few statuses getting removed when using Mado Gear that should be enabled.
    • Added the ability to remove these statuses if the skills are disabled.
  • Fixed unknown map in character select
  • Fixed autobonus removal
    • Since vector elements will be pushed around in the container when an element is removed, the original pointer might be invalid at the time the end of the timer has been reached.
  • Corrected some Summoner skills
    • Resolved Blessing of Shrimp not boosting SP recovery properly.
    • Resolved Tasty Shrimp Party not accounting for Fresh Shrimp level learned.
    • Resolved Lope not placing the caster at the selected target location.
  • Fixed zero termination for bg messages
  • Fixed CN Meteor and Lunatic Carrot Beat damage
    • Added missing battle cases.
  • Fixed Taekwon Jobchanger Location
  • Fixed SU_GROOMING while being frozen
  • Fixed homunculus auto feed for broken luas
  • Fixed Skill Damage Database parsing
    • Resolved an issue with constants not being properly parsed for the caster type.
  • Fixed missing login date for guild members
  • [Proposal] Ghost Palace instance NPC name fixes
    • Changed Thanatos to Tartanos and Thanatos gears to Thanos, to follow actual name from Ragnarok manhwa and kRO actual item name translation
    • changed "Tartanos Magic Trace" to "Magic Sword Tartanos"
  • Lasagna Boss spawn
    • Added Big Eggring spawn and updated monster stats
  • Corrected Stone Hard Skin Rune effects
    • Stone Hard Skin should not end after taking full damage.
  • Corrected a potential overflow in item bonuses
    • Fixed some value that having a chance to potentially overflow from signed short limit.
  • Corrected White Imprison and reflected damage
    • Targets in White Imprison using reflect equipment or skills should not send damage back to those outside.
  • Corrected Electric Shocker versus MVP
    • Electric Shocker is able to stop MVP as well.
    • Status should not stack with itself.
    • Status should be cleared by normal means.
  • Updated CN Meteor and Lunatic CB behavior
    • Implements SU_CN_METEOR2 and SU_LUNATICCARROTBEAT2 skills.
    • These skills are used as placeholders for the item requirements for skill bonuses.
  • Add drop highlighting effect feature
  • Corrected Absorb Spirit Sphere on self
    • Absorb Spirit Sphere should work on self on all map types.
  • KRO items november-07-2018
    • Additionally correct a typo in Ancient_Hero_Boots item from previous release
  • Resolved Small and Large Life Potion Healing
    • Heal rate was comparing battle status versus base status.
  • Fixed a potential crash on change map events
    • When changing to an unknown map (or one on another map-server) the instance checks attempted to check null data.
  • Corrected Fire Charm and Exploding Dragon damage
    • Fire Charm was granting too much bonus damage when used with Exploding Dragon.
  • Added Illusion of Labyrinth item in DB
  • Equipments/weapons from ep17.1
  • Corrected Platinum Shotel and Curved Sword
    • Corrected Platinum Shotel and Curved Sword to be limited to transcendent classes.
  • Added missing Phantasmagorika Spokesperson
    • Added missing Phantasmagorika Spokesperson to Alberta, Morocc, and Payon.
  • Corrected trap splash count
    • Corrected the trap splash count to be a minimum of 1 to prevent divide by 0 attempts.
  • Corrected Raid damage for renewal
    • Corrected Raid damage ratio for renewal.
    • Raid does less damage vs Boss monsters.
  • Corrected Reins of Mount interaction with hiding
    • Reins of Mount should not be applied to players who are in some sort of hidden state.
    • Item delay is still applied.
  • Updated Hammer of God behavior
    • Updated the cast range to 6 + skill_lv.
    • Added Crimson Marker target checks to determine placement.
    • No longer removes Crimson Marker on targets.
    • Properly displays client effect.
  • Corrected script command setunitdata HP/Max HP
    • Resolves an issue with adjusting HP/Max HP not properly applying it to the proper unit status.
  • Corrected Ignition Break animation
    • Corrected Ignition Break animation on newer clients
  • Updated the list of skills usable in Madogear
  • Added login user count colorization
  • Vari altri aggiornamenti e fix tecniche lato core dell'emulatore

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