Patch Notes v2.04.02

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Patch Notes v2.04.02

Post by Devil » 18/02/2019, 11:02

Nuovo e piccolo aggiornamento per fixare alcuni bug. Le notes in italiano sono esclusive per il server di INFINITY 2.0... come sempre vi invitiamo a segnalarci eventuali problemi via forum oppure da tickets di supporto.
  • Auto start Pintados festival ad ogni riavvio server (durata evento 7gg)
  • Effect State Update
  • Fix NPC identificatore per identificare item con attributi e raffinati
  • Fixed Camouflage
    • Fixes the Provoke icon getting removed when clif_changeoption is called and it's not an infinite duration.
  • Correzione per far droppare boss e mob nell'instance Sky Fortress
  • Fixed Ice Wall units to match their official behavior
  • Adjusted some NPC names
    • Changed "Cougar" to "Kuuga" in Ninja and KagerouOboro job change NPC
    • Changed "Gaebolg" to "Geoborg" in some NPC dialogues
    • changed "Kuuga" to "Kuuga Gai"
  • Corrected the targets ID of some rockridge quest
  • Fixed Old Card Album and High Weapon Box scripts
    • Added Old Card Album script to give a random card and give a High Weapon Box.
    • Added missing item bonus (Level Up Box) for High Weapon Box.
  • Corrected some card combos
    • Resolved some item combo cards that transformed the wearer causing the stats to come awry.
  • Fixed accessory equipping with cards
    • Accessories that have cards which require specific left/right locations must take priority.
    • Sped up position checking.
  • Fixed some more server crashes

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