Patch Notes v2.04.03

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Patch Notes v2.04.03

Post by Devil » 25/02/2019, 13:30

Vi invitiamo a segnalarci eventuali problemi via forum oppure da tickets di supporto.
Le notes in italiano sono esclusive per il server di INFINITY 2.0.
  • Equips e items freebies per nuovi Novice e Doram
  • Equips e items freebies per tutte le prime classi, sia da quest ufficiali che dal Job Master
  • Aggiunta comando @afk con fumetto in testa
  • Fix Satan Morroc quest e event
    • Ripristinati npc mancanti
  • Adjusted death event for Emperium Battleground
    • Adjusted the death event so players don't have to wait for the 1 second respawn timer before being revived.
  • Fixed Eddga's HP
  • Corrected RODEX message size
    • Increased the size of the mail message to 500 characters
  • Fixed Taekwon Running fixed cast time
    • Fixed an issue with the level separator.
  • Fixed an issue with progressbars.
    • Additionally if progress was being canceled and a message window was active, the user would be stuck, because no close button would show.
  • Corrected item Wurst (ID 585)
  • Corrected loyal pet bonuses
    • Added missing RC_Player bonuses.
  • Fix some item script
    • Corrected Blue Bow's location.
    • Corrected Ukulele_Of_Newoz, Floral_Mic_Of_Igu and Ukulele_Of_Newoz + Winged_Ring_Of_Newoz combo that should increase the SP usage of skills (instead of decrease)

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