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Patch Notes v2.06.04

Inviato: 22/07/2019, 11:12
da Devil
Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0.
In questo elenco vengono omesse le note tecniche relativi agli aggiornamenti lato server e di non interesse per i giocatori.
  • Fixed Achievement Level progression
    • Changed the behavior of achievement experience to roll over remaining experience rather than check from the total amount.
  • Corrected a potential crash with Joint Beat
  • Cleaned up Joint Beat behavior
    • Added missing rate and duration reduction based on the targets stats.
    • Confirmed that double damage only applies to BREAK_NECK.
  • Fixed STR affecting mob damage in pre-renewal
    • STR should not affect monster's damage.
    • Split battle config between pre-renewal and renewal.
  • Corrected Magnum Break delay
    • Magnum Break should have an aftercast delay of 2 seconds which can be reduced by Bragi (like all other skills) and no cooldown.