Patch Notes v2.07.02

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Patch Notes v2.07.02

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Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0.
In questo elenco vengono omesse le note tecniche relativi agli aggiornamenti lato server e di non interesse per i giocatori.
  • Nonostante non leggerai nulla di quello che è stato aggiornato e riportato qui di seguito, sappi che abbiamo il server di RO più aggiornato d'Europa :D ... non ne troverai altri con cosi pochi bug come INFINITY 2.0
  • Item DB fixes: Various itemDB fixes, Added missing item effects, Added missing jRO and twRO items, Typo fixes, Effect fixes, Name corrections, Weight corrections, Costume location corrections
  • Skill Ammo requirement fixes: Resolves an issue with the skill converter outputting the incorrect ammo type requirement. Also fixes an issue with physically attacking targets while having a status option active
  • Fixed wrong equip descriptions in refiners
  • Fixes script command resetskill: Resolves a missing skill index lookup during skill reset
  • Changed base status condition of Paladin Card from bLuk to bInt
  • Corrects Max Baby Third Parameter issue: Added missing case for returning battle config for Baby Third classes
  • Overed Boost now decreases homun's hunger level by half
  • Itemdb Racing hat and Racing enchant
  • Updated Nightmare Bio Lab
  • Fixed a pvp bug with option invisible
  • Added missing close in Fili npc
  • Fixed sitting issue for devoted players: If aplayer is under devotion and gets attacked he will remain sitting server side, while standing up client side. This will result in the player not being able to move anymore, until he sat down/stood up again. Additionally fixed the devoting player as well: The devoting player should also stand up when the devoted player is hit. If the player is missed or he lucky dodges and no damage is dealt, no damage packet should be sent to the devoter. Additionally fixed that the devoter did not use the waving damage animation, because the amotion and dmotion values were not sent
  • Fixed Duneyrr card
  • Fixed Expanded Baby parameter cap: Resolved Expanded Baby classes parameter cap defaulting to the upper class. Fixes baby parameters for Summoners as well. Removed redundant baby checks due to correct order now
  • Corrected Feint Bomb infinite status: Resolves an issue where Feint Bomb was giving users infinite duration from AoE statuses
  • Added conf option for homunculus idle no share: Added conf option to make characters stop receiving exp/drop from homunculi when they are idle
  • Fixes an issue in eclage quest: The script should stop when the quest is not active
  • Removed an extra status calculation for players: Removed an extra status calculation for players resulting in some status data being nullified. Adjusted status calculation for autobonus and unequipping items. Cleaned up delayed damage logic.
  • Fixed invalid usage of bRegenPercentHP/SP
  • Fixed a newly introduced stack bug
  • Fixed Magazine Dealer coordinates in pre-re: Also switched the main npc in renewal in case they change the duplicates again in the future
  • Additional configs for boss idle AI

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