Patch Notes v2.07.05

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Patch Notes v2.07.05

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Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0.
In questo elenco vengono omesse le note tecniche relativi agli aggiornamenti lato server e di non interesse per i giocatori.
  • Implementate le nuove classi Star Emperor e Soul Reaper: Implementazione iniziale delle skill di queste due classi, incluse le patch di bilanciamento di kRO: ... eq=3921697
  • Rebalancing of 1st/2nd/Transcendent class skills: kRO changelog:
  • Fixes Assumptio status in renewal: Adjusts Assumptio to increase hard defense, not soft. Adjusts CASH_ASSUMPTIO status icon to follow as well.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in Assassin job quest: Fixed a bug where the player can't finish the quest if the NPC times out after obtaining the weapon.
  • Fixed a couple of answers on Knight job quest test
  • Job Improvement Project - Genetic: Updates Homunculus skills from kRO maintenance: ... &curpage=1 Updates Genetic skills from kRO maintenance: ... &curpage=1
  • Fixes Brandish Spear from renewal balance: Skill now applies long range damage. Skill now does 3 hits. Target's placement in the AoE does not affect damage; it's all the same for each target. Updates strength bonus. Reverts Mercenary Brandish Spear to pre-renewal effects.
  • Fixes Rogue Backstab Double Hit: Skill no longer ignores the target's flee. Skill now deals 2 hit when using dagger instead of doubling the damage.
  • Updated some part in nightmare Biolab scripts: Fixed some part in nightmare Biolab scripts Updated the normal monsters death count to spawn the 'mini-boss' (100 -> 110) and 'mini-boss' death count to spawn the mvp (10 -> 4)
  • Updates achievement treasures: Corrected the position of the npc using official script Updated achievements treasures using cloakonnpc command
  • Updated rockridge and academy script: This commit replaces the classchange command by cloakonnpc/cloakoffnpc in these scripts
  • Implement cloakonnpc/cloakoffnpc: The player can interact with a NPC cloaked by cloakonnpc command (click, mob event..) but the NPC trigger area is disabled (= the OnTouch* part is disabled). The changes last until the player leaves the map, logs out, or the npc option is updated by disablenpc/enablenpc/hideonnpc/hideoffnpc/cloakonnpc/cloakoffnpc commands.
  • Removes Bowling Bash Chain Damage: Removes Bowling Bash chained damage stacking on top of itself.
  • Corrects skill modifier base level requirement: Corrects the skill bonus modifier to include base level 100.
  • Corrected the rate for quest 1266
    14.3 quests update: Updated Hero Token Exchanger npc to match official npc, Updated Dimensional Travel Quest to match official script, Dimensional Travel Quest now uses the official variable for future reference and to fill the missing sequence, Moved the npcs from dimensional travel quest to separate custom npcs from official conversion of npcs, Added official system to spawn the mini-boss on moro_vol map, Added Flaming Basin and Doom Prayers quests, Updated the aegis name and english name of the items from moro_vol map
  • Corrected the item script of E_Abrasive (ID 12514)

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