Patch Notes v2.08.01

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Patch Notes v2.08.01

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Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0.
In questo elenco vengono omesse le note tecniche relativi agli aggiornamenti lato server e di non interesse per i giocatori.
  • Reimplementazione del Test server pubblico
  • Impostazione del drop rate a 20x
  • Traduzione completa dell'NPC "WoE Controller"
  • Implementazione NPC "Happy Hour" per eventi di EXP multipla
  • Fixato Aimed Bold Fixed Cast Time da 1000 a 500 (0.5 sec)
  • Job Improvement Project - Rebellion (#4428): Fixes #4426. kRO Changelog: ... 1&seq=7081
  • Minor item combo correct up (#4837): Corrected the following combos Shackles + Prisoner's Uniform All of Vesper + Memory of Lovers * Sprint Glove + Sprint Mail + Sprint Shoes + Sprint Ring
  • Fixes Brandish Spear hit count (#4830): Fixes #4826. Brandish Spear damage should be calculated separately for each hit.
  • Fixed Max HP & SP rate bonus (#4828): Fixed #4264 Added new SCs for proper HP & SP Pill usages
  • Fix Heaven's Drive damage (#4835): Fixes #4834. Fixes Heaven's Drive damage in renewal mode.
  • Fixed Dimensional Gorge pre-re spawns (#4823)
  • Adds missing cast times for Arm Cannon (#4731): Fixes #4730. Adds missing levels 4 and 5 cast data for Arm Cannon. Updates other level values to official.
  • Fixed duplicated skill status check when switching weapons (#4806)
  • Fixed vending and chatrooms checking for NPCs nearby (#4805)
  • Removes target SP consumption from Tiger Cannon Removes target SP consumption based on damage dealt by Tiger Cannon. This effect was removed in #4256 but accidentally merged back in through #3659.
  • Fixed Soul Reaper's Soul Collect behavior Added missing status change cancel condition, when the player has reached the maximum amount of soul spheres. Fixed duration display on the client. Some cleanup of duplicate code.
  • Fixed soul costs for Espa (#4795): Fixes #4781
  • Fixed bodystyle for unsupported jobs (#4792): Adds missing checks for Super Novice Expanded, Star Emperor and Soul Reaper. Enables bodystyles saving by default, since all sprites have been released officially long enough. Adjusted the mismatching default value for max_body_style. Fixes #4787
  • Fixed an issue in Umbala Domestic Dispute Quest (#4790) Closed #4729
  • Add Star Emperor and Soul Reaper Class Restriction in WoE:TE (#4784): Adds Star Emperor and Soul Reaper restriction in WoE:TE Adds Rebellion, Summoner, Star Emperor, and Soul Reaper statuses to the status_disabled database.
  • Updated Morse's Cave instance to match official script (#4674) (to resume the change IG are some additionnals effects and defined warp points)
  • Adds missing AoE for Xeno Slasher (#4774): Fixes #4768. Updates ranges for levels 1-5. Adds missing AoE for levels 6-10.
  • Fixed autotraders counting for instance requirements (#4779)
  • Added missing pet eggs (#4783): Item DB entries only Fixes #4654
  • Hateffect Update (#4780): Minor Hateffect update.
  • Fixed a problem with walking NPCs (#4782): Walking NPCs are not supported on official servers. Therefore we have to respawn the NPC units as player units before they start walking. After they stop walking we respawn them as NPC units again so that they show the bubbles for talking to them again. Since player sprites have a small aura during spawning hardcoded in the client, this aura will be shown each time they begin walking now. Fixes #4505
  • Fixes Soul Unity being removed on map change (#4754): Fixes #4733. Soul Unity should not be removed on map change.
  • Corrects Star Emperor stances (#4753): Fixes #4744. Adds missing stance skill requirements. Adds Stance values to csv2yaml for skill_db conversions.
  • Corrects Brandish Spear damage stacking (#4740): Fixes #4739. Follow up to 24ecebc. Resolves Brandish Spear damage doing more damage than it should.
  • Added missing restrictions when writing a mail (#4772)
  • Fixed Throw Spirit Sphere/Finger Offensive hits depending on the number of spirit spheres (#4771)
  • Hides players with 'hide_session' and '/ignoreall' from whisper messages (#4762)
  • Fixes issue with power skills (#4751): Fixes #4743. Resolves an issue with power skills and default data defined in the skill's array. Adds back linear determination and documentation for it. Adds a check in the converter to not print out values of 0 for levels 6 and higher for skill unit layout and skill unit range. Removes these values from the skill database.
  • Minor doc and db updated. (#4747): Corrects Ramorushirudo undead bonus. Corrects Experimental Goat Cap earth bonus. Adds missing semicolon to a couple item bonuses. Adds missing RC2, ATF, and SC from documentation. Removes duplicate documentation for bIgnoreDefRaceRate.
  • Fixes heal item recovery effects (#4750): Fixes #4748. Recovery item effects should be multiplicatively stacked.
  • Fix Item Effect For Asgard's Blessing (#4752): Closes #4745
  • Small correction in item DB (#4367): Corrected Runaway_Magic, Bear's_Power, Muscle_Fool, Hawkeye and Lucky_Day item's data Closes #4273
  • Adds missing SQL upgrade script Fixes #4757: Adds SQL script to give players back skill points from removed skills.
  • Fixes Wall of Thorn knockback (#4685): Fixes #4645. The knockback should be based on self and not the caster of the skill.
  • Fixed an issue in the custom job master npc (#4749): The player shouldn't be able to rebirth after being 3rd class Added additionnal checks here and there Closes #4735
  • Fixes Assumptio status in renewal (#4736): Adjusts Assumptio to increase hard defense, not soft. Adjusts CASH_ASSUMPTIO status icon to follow as well.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in Assassin job quest (#4723): Fixed a bug where the player can't finish the quest if the NPC times out after obtaining the weapon.
  • Fixed a couple of answers on Knight job quest test (#4724)
  • Job Improvement Project - Genetic (#3284): Fixes #2571. Updates Homunculus skills from kRO maintenance: ... &curpage=1 Updates Genetic skills from kRO maintenance: ... &curpage=1
  • Fixes Brandish Spear from renewal balance (#4711): Fixes #4707. Follow up to ea8da71. Skill now applies long range damage. Skill now does 3 hits. Target's placement in the AoE does not affect damage; it's all the same for each target. Updates strength bonus. Reverts Mercenary Brandish Spear to pre-renewal effects.
  • Implemented Star Emperor and Soul Reaper classes (#4386): Initial implementation of these two classes skills. Includes kRO balancing patch: ... eq=3921697
  • Fixes Rogue Backstab Double Hit (#4703): Fixes #4702. Skill no longer ignores the target's flee. Skill now deals 2 hit when using dagger instead of doubling the damage.
  • Updated some part in nightmare Biolab scripts (#4680): Fixed some part in nightmare Biolab scripts Updated the normal monsters death count to spawn the 'mini-boss' (100 -> 110) and 'mini-boss' death count to spawn the mvp (10 -> 4)
  • Updates achievement treasures (#4558): Corrected the position of the npc using official script Updated achievements treasures using cloakonnpc command
  • Updated rockridge and academy script (#4710): This commit replaces the classchange command by cloakonnpc/cloakoffnpc in these scripts
  • Adds config for Land Protector Behavior (#4675): Adds config for Land Protector Behavior This battle config option adds the ability to change Land Protector to the old behavior. Related to #1404 and #4412.
  • [Suggestion] Implement cloakonnpc/cloakoffnpc (#4688): The player can interact with a NPC cloaked by cloakonnpc command (click, mob event..) but the NPC trigger area is disabled (= the OnTouch* part is disabled). The changes last until the player leaves the map, logs out, or the npc option is updated by disablenpc/enablenpc/hideonnpc/hideoffnpc/cloakonnpc/cloakoffnpc commands.
  • Removes Bowling Bash Chain Damage (#4695): Fixes #4693. Removes Bowling Bash chained damage stacking on top of itself.
  • Custom woe controller update (#4672) Adds the woe TE castle Cosmetic changes of the setting format This update doesn't broke your woe session defined.
  • Corrects skill modifier base level requirement (#4684): Fixes #4666. Corrects the skill bonus modifier to include base level 100.
  • Rebalancing of 1st/2nd/Transcendent class skills (#4072): Fixes #3715. kRO changelog: Refactored size_fix database to YAML.
  • Corrected the rate for quest 1266
  • 14.3 quests update (#4559): Updated Hero Token Exchanger npc to match official npc Updated Dimensional Travel Quest to match official script Dimensional Travel Quest now uses the official variable for future reference and to fill the missing sequence Moved the npcs from dimensional travel quest to separate custom npcs from official conversion of npcs Added official system to spawn the mini-boss on moro_vol map Added Flaming Basin and Doom Prayers quests Updated the aegis name and english name of the items from moro_vol map
  • Corrected the item script of E_Abrasive (ID 12514) (#4679): Fixed #4678

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