Patch Notes v2.08.04

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Patch Notes v2.08.04

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Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0.
  • Fix per rendere visibili le trappole durante la WoE
  • Attivata Arena PVP dall'npc PVP Master (ex PVP StatsViewer) di Prontera
  • Inizio release e test del VIP System (tranquilli, non sarò un sistema pay-to-win come da nostra politica)
  • Tolti warp per guild dungeon alla Warper
  • Fixato effetto visivo al WoE Controller (quello standard era da mal di testa!)
  • Attivata restrizione sul doppio client dello stesso giocatore nelle mappe dei castelli
  • Adjusts area size config back to 14 cells (#4967) Partial revert of ea8da71. Adjusts the battle config for the area size back to 14 cells. (ndr. non applicato su INFINITY dove abbiamo 24 celle di area size)
  • Adjusts the Bard/Dancer songs to be 15 cells rather than attempting to use AREA_SIZE.
  • Updates item storages documentation (#4937) Updates the documentation for the different types of player item storages to reflect that current maximum capacity. Thanks to @sader1992!
  • Suffragium should be a self AoE to party (#4955) Fixes #4954. Suffragium is a self cast skill that applies to the party in a 31x31 area, including self. Thanks to @flamefury!
  • Fixes instance map name faults (#4945) Fixes #4915. Fixes instance map names when it reaches 1000. Fixes instances with more than 8 character crashing the client. Other minor cleanups. Thanks to @voyfmyuh and @Atemo! Co-authored-by: Atemo
  • Fixes Basilica duration Fixes #4913. Fixes Basilica duration to be 30 + 30 * skill_lv. Thanks to @Badarosk0!
  • SQL synchronization
  • Fixes Ur's and Peuz's Greave refine bonus (#4890) Fixes #4889. Fixes Ur's and Peuz's Greave giving negative stats if the refine is less than 8. Thanks to @Questune09!
  • Allow blank SQL passwords (#4827) Allow blank password for log and login schema. Thanks to @marky291!
  • Few Genetic skill fixes (#4813) Fixes Acid Demonstration to use the target's VIT and not casters. Fixes Fire Expansion - Acid to behave like Acid Demonstration. Fixes Crazy Weed not doing 2 damage attacks. Crazy Weed is now a long ranged physical attack. Adjusts Hell's Plant behavior to no longer be removed on map change. Adds missing status icon for Hell's Plant. Fixes Hell's Plant attack formula when learning Summon Flora. Hell's Plant now uses the caster's weapon as the element. Hell's Plant no longer ignores the target's DEF and Element. Fixes Hell's Plant removing Thorns Trap. Removes fixed cast time from Xeno Slasher. Adds new Genetic Pharmacy potions (items are disabled until int32 item ID support). Fixes Spore Explosion's splash attack doing the same damage as the initial. Thanks to @teededung, @Badarosk0, @cahya1992, and @OptimusM!
  • Follow up to c4609b19d6910ae05d6424a8cb1da2142d870ef0
  • Fixes Meteor Assault and card bonuses (#4932) Fixes #4912. Meteor assault should increase damage with ATK item bonus. Thanks to @attackjom!
  • Follow up to 73140bd078036ef173568918102e42f824ee148c
  • Adds skill placeholder for Super Novice Expanded (#4919) Adds skill placeholder for Super Novice Expanded in the pre-renewal skill database. Prevents undefined skill errors for pc_checkskill. Thanks to @gidzdlcrz!

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