Patch Notes v2.08.06

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Patch Notes v2.08.06

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Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0, gli altri aggiornamenti sono descritti e discussi in dettaglio sul GIT ufficiale dell'emulatore.
Ultimo aggiornamento installato: cd0937c
  • Correzione bugs dialoghi PVP Master e disabilitazione homunculus entrando in Arena come spettatore
  • Fix missing pet egg checks (#5029) Fixes #5024
  • Corrects Valkyrie Knife item script (#4948) Adds missing Super Novice class bonuses. Thanks to @Questune09 and @qwerty7vp!
  • Whikebain Ears should Ignore 100% MDEF (#5025) Fixes MDEF ignore to 100% for Normal and Boss class monsters only. Fixes bonus for slotted version. Thanks to @qwerty7vp!
  • Fix Racing Cap combo with Racing 3Lv (#5020) Fixes #4998. Adjusts Cart Boost bonus to level 3. Adjusts duration to 120 seconds. Thanks to @Angelic234 and @LordWhiplash!
  • Fixes Mercenary kill counter (#5010) Fixes #4329. The master or the Mercenary are able to increase the kill count. Thanks to @Indigo000!
  • Adjusts Reverberation behavior (#5013) Reverberation no longer uses any sub-attack skill. Adjusts hit count to be split on each hit. Thanks to @attackjom!
  • Fix Whikebain's Black Tail (#5016) Fixes #5005. Whikebain's Black Tail should not apply curse. Thanks to @reunite-ro and @LordWhiplash! Co-authored-by: LordWhiplash
  • Added several check for OnTouch and OnTouch_ before running the event (#5009) Check if the player is still in npc range Check if the player is still able to interact with the npc Check if the npc is cloaked
  • Fixes looter mobs getting stuck (#5000) Follow up to b6b6b13. Fixes #4941. Fixes cases of monsters getting stuck when they lose sight of their target item that is looted by another monster. Thanks to @iraciz and @SeravySensei!
  • Fixes Decorate Cart requirement (#5012) Fixes #4980. Decorate Cart requires a Cart be active. Thanks to @LordWhiplash!
  • Adjusts a few checks for item tradability (#4995) Follow up to bfb6972. Adds a new return array for script command inventorylist: @inventorylist_tradable Adjusts script command countitem to not count rental items.
  • Resolves some Battleground issues (#4725)
    * Queue data will now be kept available until a Battleground event is over.
    * Players can now join an active Battleground. Adds a more detailed queue state tracking feature.
    * When a battleground is being prepared and not enough players click accept, stop the battleground from beginning.
    * When a player logs off or leaves a queue they will now properly be removed from the queue.
    * Cleans up MinPlayers and MaxPlayers parsing to not accept values less than 1.
    * Resolves players not being able to join an active battleground (up to MaxPlayers) unless someone quit early.
    * Adds a team size priority check to avoid adding more players to a larger team.
    * Fixes battlechat messages.
    * Adds a battle_config to disable the ability for players on maps with MF_NOWARP to join Battlegrounds.
    * Adds a new optional ActiveEvent label to the database.
    * Fixes a typo in Flavius 2 during unbooking process.
    * Cleans up the behavior of the Battle Therapists to use areapercentheal and areawarp.
    * Fixes KVM score not properly set on the first Battleground.
    * Fixes the global timer checks not ending the main timers on Flavius and Tierra Gorge.
    * Added an extra bg_reserve on global timer checks in case someone tries to join the battleground just before it's ended.
    * Fixed OnReadyCheck being called on global timer checks, causing the battlegrounds to start when there were no players on the map.
    * Fixed a bug on Tierra Gorge where multiple barricade walls could be stacked.
    * Fixes Croix also receiving 9 badges when Guillaume wins.
    * Adjusts StartDelay default to 0.
    * Add a database setting to give the ability to enable or disable joining as an individual, party, or guild.
    * Add a database setting to restrict jobs from entering Battlegrounds.
    * Better documents script commands bg_reserve and bg_unbook.
    * Other fixes and cleanups.
    Thanks to @roSBK and @Daegaladh, @admkakaroto, @Artuvazro, and @Atemo!
    Co-authored-by: Daegaladh
    Co-authored-by: Atemo

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